Easy and effective removal of skin tags in the privacy of your home. The only brand with TagTarget® skin shields.

Our unique TagTarget® skin shields protect surrounding healthy skin. The foam-tip applicator freezes just the skin tag – not the skin.

The Way to Healthy Looking Skin.

With Compound W® you can get rid of warts quickly and get your skin back to looking and feeling healthy.

Destroy warts in as little as one application.

A product in wart removal that enables you to easily and effectively freeze and remove common and plantar warts, with as little as one treatment.

A Breakthrough in Wart Removal!

See how New Compound W®
Freeze Off® Advanced kills different sized warts in a way others can’t.

The #1 brand in wart removal in Canada to safely and effectively remove common and plantar warts

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The dermatologist-proven method to safely and easily remove skin tags at home

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Our products are available at most stores with pharmacies across Canada

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Where to Buy Compound W® Products

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