What is a Skin Tag?

Skin tags are non-cancerous skin growths. Skin tags are soft and fleshy bumps of tissue connected to the skin’s surface. You can recognize a skin tag if it contains ALL of the following physical features:

  • Flesh coloured
  • Soft and easy to move
  • Painless
  • Sticks out from surrounding skin on a small, narrow stalk

If your skin growth does not have all of these features, you must not treat it. If you treat it and it is NOT a skin tag, you may hurt yourself seriously.

Size of skin tags shown above are enlarged for easy viewing. You may need to use a magnifying lens or mirror to see the details of your skin growth to compare it to the photo and illustration above.

What is not a skin tag?

A skin growth with ANY of the physical features listed below is NOT a skin tag and should NOT be treated with this device:

  • A colour significantly different than your normal skin colour
  • Hairy
  • Bleeding
  • Hard to the touch

If you are unsure if a particular growth is a skin tag, do not treat it unless a medical professional confirms that it is a skin tag.

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